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Internship Program


Are you a researcher enthusiastic about blockchain technologies? Then, we are looking for you!

At the Blockchain Lab, we have started a research visitor program where we are looking for talented researchers to work with us in cutting-edge problems in the blockchain area. We would prefer that you are a PhD student at the last years of your doctorate program or a postdoc. However, youngers students with a strong background on cryptographic protocols and blockchain are also encouraged to apply. If you are interested, please contact us by email


Current Interns

Duc V. Le

Sergei Tikhomirov

Previous Interns


Christopher Egger (Oct-Dec 2018)

Bio: Since November 2016, I am a PhD student in the Applied Cryptography Group at FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg where Dominique Schroeder is my advisor. Prior to my PhD studies I have published in the area of System Software Engineering (SOSP'11), Coalgebraic Modal Logic (CONCUR'16) and Anonymous Communications (RAID'13). I have been an intern researcher at UC Santa Barbara with Chris Krugel and Giovani Vigna in 2012 and at TU Vienna with Pedro Moreno Sanchez and Matteo Maffei in 2018. Outside academia, I am a Debian Developer and have contributed to free software projects including the `git version control system and the `linux kernel.

Experience: "The time in Vienna gave me the opportunity to venture into the field of payment channel networks. Working with Pedro and Matteo provided a fresh perspective on the field and allowed to build on the experience of the team at TU Vienna. It was fascinating to see the group grow around me in the only three months I spend there. Finally I can really recommend living in Vienna, at least for some time. They even have hammocks in public parks there! Perfect for reading a paper (or a book)."

Work: Atomic Multi-Channel Updates with Constant Collateral in Payment-Channel Networks (CCS 2019)