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2017-11-26 [ ]

Netidee funding for the project Ethertrust

The Security and Privacy (S&P) group has received a netidee grant from the Internet Privatstiftung Austria for the project Ethertrust.

The Internet Privatstiftung Austria has just announced the funding (about 20K Euro) for the netidee project Ethertrust, proposed by the Security & Privacy group. 

Ethertrust targets the security of Ethereum smart contracts (distributed programs running on top of the Ethereum cryptocurrency), whose bugs and vulnerabilities may easily lead to catastrophic financial losses, being these contracts used to perform auctions, sign digital contracts, and perform payments.  Specifically, Ethertrust aims at developing automated verification techniques that can be used by end users as well as software developers to make sure that smart contracts comply with the intended security policies.  Clara Schneidewind, principal investigator of the project: “We want to increase the trust in smart contracts by providing a freely accessible and automated analysis tool that allows smart contact developers and users to check for important security properties easily.” 

Principal Investigators: Univ. Ass. Clara Schneidewind, Univ Prof. Matteo Maffei

Scientific members: Univ. Ass Ilya Grishchenko, Univ. Ass. Niklas Grimm