Security and Privacy Group
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Ca'FoscariProf. Riccardo Focardi

Prof. Michele Bugliesi

Dr. Stefano Calzavara
 FAUProf. Dr. Dominique Schroeder
  • Secure and Privacy-Preserving Outsourced Storage SP'15
  •  DFG B04 Privacy freundliches Speichern in der Cloud
  FAU Prof. Backes 
   FAU Prof. Jonathan Katz
  • Predicate encryption
    tartu Prof. Dominique Unruh  
     FAUProf. Christian Hammer 
    FAU Dr. Catalin Hritcu  
  • Cryptographic protocol analysis JCS'14
     Peloponnese Prof. Christos Tryfonopoulos 
  • Security and Privacy in P2P Networks OTM'09
      Peloponnese Prof. Gerhard Weikum  
  • Security and Privacy in P2P Networks OTM'09
      Purdue Prof. Aniket Kate  
      CNRSDr. Veronique Cortier
Dr. Steve Kremer
  • Cryptographic Protocol Analysis POST'15 , CCS'17, POST'18