Security and Privacy Group
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Below you can find some of the thesis topics proposed by our group. Naturally, if you have your own topics, we are glad to hear about them and validate with you their feasibility. 

Each topic can be addressed at Bachelor or Master level, with the latter clearly requiring more in-depth and extensive results. All of them constitute hot research topics strongly connected with the activities of our group, and can lead to scientific publications. Some of them are particularly indicated for students who want to continue their studies with a PhD (see description). 

Web Security

  • Survey on Analysis of Ruby and PHP Code  
  • Modelling Web-Session Management in F* 

Smart Contracts

  • Augmenting the Solidity framework with security annotations  
  • Runtime enforcement of security policies for smart contracts  
  • A system for secure energy trading in a local electric grid (in collaboration with Priv. Doz. Sandford Bessler, AIT)