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Research Unit Security and Privacy

The mission of the Security and Privacy research unit is to develop techniques to secure modern IT infrastructures and to design solutions to protect the privacy of users in the digital society.


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    Our research strengths include

  • formal methods for the analysis and enforcement of security and privacy properties in various scenarios, such as cryptographic protocols, mobile apps, web applications, smart contracts;
  • principles and technologies for system security, including the evaluation of the attack surface and the development of systematic countermeasures, with a focus on mobile, web, and cloud security;
  • theory and applications of cryptography, with a focus on the design of privacy-enhancing cryptographic schemes, cryptographic protocols for blockchain technologies, and proof techniques for provable security.


Elena Andreeva
Elena Andreeva E. Andreeva

Assistant Professor
Asst.Prof. / PhD

Georg Fuchsbauer
Georg Fuchsbauer G. Fuchsbauer

Associate Professor
Assoc.Prof. DI Dr.

Martina Lindorfer
Martina Lindorfer M. Lindorfer

Assistant Professor
Asst.Prof. DI Dr. / BSc

Matteo Maffei
Matteo Maffei M. Maffei

Head of Research Unit

Scientific staff

Hamza Abusalah
Hamza Abusalah H. Abusalah

PostDoc Researcher

Anagha Athavale
Anagha Athavale A. Athavale

PhD Student

Lukas Aumayr
Lukas Aumayr L. Aumayr

PhD Student
DI / BSc

Jakob Bleier
Jakob Bleier J. Bleier

PhD Student

Niklas Grimm
Niklas Grimm N. Grimm

PostDoc Researcher
Dr. / BSc

Aakanksha Saha
Aakanksha Saha A. Saha

PhD Student

David Schmidt
David Schmidt D. Schmidt

PhD Student
DI / BSc

Alexander Sjösten
Alexander Sjösten A. Sjösten

PostDoc Researcher

Marco Squarcina
Marco Squarcina M. Squarcina

PostDoc Researcher

Erkan Tairi
Erkan Tairi E. Tairi

PhD Student

Mauro Tempesta
Mauro Tempesta M. Tempesta

Senior Lecturer

Andreas Weninger
Andreas Weninger A. Weninger

PhD Student
DI / BSc

Mathias Wolf
Mathias Wolf M. Wolf

PhD Student
DI / BSc

Administrative staff