Security and Privacy Group
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Research Projects

  • FFG Comet. Austrian Blockchain Center, 2019-2023. (PI Matteo Maffei)
  • FWF Netidee Science. Cryptographic Foundations for the future-proof Internet security, 2019-2022. (PI Matteo Maffei)
  • FWF Meitner. Security and Privacy for Payment-Channel Networks, 2019-2021. (PI Pedro Moreno-Sanchez)
  • Industry Funding. COMIT-S&P: Security and Privacy for the COMIT Network, 2019-2020. (PI Pedro Moreno-Sanchez)
  • Industry Funding. SLN: Scalability for the Lightning Network, 2018-2020. (PI Pedro Moreno-Sanchez)
  • ERC Consolidator Grant. Browsec: Foundations and Tools for Client-Side Web Security , 2018-2023. (PI Matteo Maffei)
  • FWF Doctoral College. LogiCS: Logical Methods in Computer Science , 2018-2022. (PI Matteo Maffei)
  • FFG Bridge 1. pDLART: Privacy-respecting Distributed Ledger and Regulatory Technologies , 2018-2021. (PI Matteo Maffei)
  • Netidee Project. Ethertrust: Vertrauenswürdige Smart Contracts , 2018-2019. (PI Clara Schneidewind, Matteo Maffei)