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What data does your website log?

For quality assurance and security purposes and in accordance with Art. 6 (1) (f) DSGVO, we log the following information:

  1. date and time of your visit,
  2. URL, status, and size of the page you visited,
  3. an IP address, which could be the one temporarily assigned to you by your internet service provider, or that of a proxy, VPN, private relay service, onion router, or any other intermediary you use to connect to the public internet,
  4. if provided, URL of the referring page, and
  5. name, version, and language of your browser.

Our locally hosted logging facility retains this data for 90 days, then automatically deletes it.

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Where is your website hosted?

All servers for this website are located in Austria and hosted on the TU Wien university network.

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